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dc.contributor.authorBurchfield, Beverly Jimenez
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to allow middle level teacher-leaders to share their perspectives about the supports of and barriers to their leadership. The researcher wanted to know what middle level teacher-leaders perceived as supports of and barriers to their attempts to act as leaders within their schools. To achieve this purpose there were two research questions that guided this study. What supports do middle level teacher-leaders identify that facilitate their efforts to act as teacher-leaders? By allowing participants to describe and reflect on their experiences, this study identified ways that middle level programs can support teacher-leaders’ efforts to act as advocates, innovators, and/or stewards in their schools and ways that middle level programs can minimize the barriers that inhibit teacher-leaders’ efforts. This qualitative study was conducted at a middle school located in Northeast Georgia. The theoretical framework used to guide this study was role theory, which explains the way members define the roles they play in an organization. Five middle level teachers, each with at least seven years of teaching experience, were recruited as participants. For data collection, the researcher interviewed each participant twice and she also kept a field journal to record reflections and questions that she then shared with the participants during each of their second interviews. The researcher chose narrative inquiry as the methodological design for this study. She used open-ended questions in both of the tape-recorded interviews conducted with each participant, encouraging them to provide multiple examples and detailed accounts of their experiences. The participants in this study shared stories about their experiences as teacher-leaders and in the retelling identified supports of and barriers to their efforts to lead. The major findings reported include having funds and resources to support their teaching and leadership endeavors as a significant support or barrier. Additionally, participants shared stories about the influences their site-based and district-wide administrators have on their roles as teacher-leaders. Finally, participants identified “autonomy” (the ability to be trusted and allowed to make the decisions in his/her classroom and in his/her teacher-leadership roles) as being important to their efforts to enact their teacher-leadership roles. INDEX WORDS: Teacher-Leaders, Middle Level, Middle School, Role Theory, Narrative Inquiry
dc.subjectINDEX WORDS: Teacher-Leaders
dc.subjectMiddle Level
dc.subjectMiddle School
dc.subjectRole Theory
dc.subjectNarrative Inquiry
dc.titleMiddle level teacher-leaders' stories about supports of and barriers to their leadership experiences
dc.description.departmentElementary and Social Studies Education
dc.description.majorMiddle School Education
dc.description.advisorGayle Andrews
dc.description.committeeGayle Andrews
dc.description.committeeSally Zepeda
dc.description.committeeKatherine Thompson

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