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dc.contributor.authorNewton, John Mark
dc.description.abstractAs changes in society occur, cases and controversies pertaining to those societal changes enter the judicial system in the United States. The rulings in these cases become precedents which in turn affect the development of the law in our legal system. This research examines precedents from terrorism prosecutions to determine their impact on judicial policy in criminal procedure. Precedents from drug cases are used as a comparison data set. As precedents from terrorism and drug cases are established, they generate standards that are used in both criminal and non-criminal cases. This research examines the impact of those precedents on the development of the law.
dc.subjectprecedent, law, impact of judicial decisions, criminal procedure, terrorism, drug law
dc.titleInfluence of precedents in security issues on the development of law
dc.description.departmentPolitical Science
dc.description.majorPolitical Science
dc.description.advisorJohn A. Maltese
dc.description.advisorSusan B. Haire
dc.description.committeeJohn A. Maltese
dc.description.committeeSusan B. Haire
dc.description.committeeTeena Wilhelm
dc.description.committeeRichard L. Vining

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