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dc.contributor.authorMozo Reyes, Eliana Cristina
dc.description.abstractPro-environmental activities are often cumbersome for people and lack of commitment can limit conservation of natural resources. An important pro-environmental activity is on-the-go recycling since a significant percentage of waste is generated outside the home. This project involves the use of different modifications of a public on-the-go recycle bin, representing specific types of positive stimuli, in order to provoke responses from people that can provide valuable information about public recycling behaviors. The objective of the research is to shed some light on what factors may influence public recycling based on data collection from baseline and interventions groups. This study will provide the environmental community with valuable information on psychological and technological stimuli that can be used to inspire people to participate in on-the-go public recycling programs.
dc.subjectRecycling, Eco-feedback, Stimuli, Technology, Human Behavior.
dc.titleImpacts to public recycling from psychological and technological stimulus
dc.description.departmentBiological and Agricultural Engineering
dc.description.majorEnvironmental Engineering
dc.description.advisorJenna Jambeck
dc.description.committeeJenna Jambeck
dc.description.committeePatricia Reeves
dc.description.committeeKyle Johnsen

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