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dc.contributor.authorMoore, Robert Alan
dc.description.abstractFinancial planners have long recognized that their client work is about more than just exterior financial health; it is about a combination of exterior and interior financial issues. A small number of financial planners have embraced a collaborative service model to address both technical and psychological financial issues exhibited by clients. Six financial planners who collaborate with a mental health professional were interviewed, and analyses of the interviews were conducted utilizing grounded theory research methodology. The study found that financial planners began collaborating with mental health professionals as a way to address their clients’ psychological financial health. The study also found that respondents believe more financial planners will adopt various models of collaboration in the future, but standard terminology to describe these types of collaborative services does not yet exist. A conceptual framework was developed to describe the various levels of collaboration between financial planners and mental health professionals.
dc.subjectFinancial planning
dc.subjectFinancial therapy
dc.subjectFinancial psychology
dc.subjectInterior finance
dc.subjectInterdisciplinary services
dc.titleConceptualizing a model of collaboration
dc.title.alternativea qualitative exploration of the collaboration between financial planners and mental health professionals
dc.description.departmentHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.majorHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.advisorJoseph Goetz
dc.description.committeeJoseph Goetz
dc.description.committeeLance Palmer
dc.description.committeeKristy Archuleta

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