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dc.contributor.authorBass, Erica Frances
dc.description.abstractThis study investigated the influence of the consumption of the monosaccharides glucose and fructose on measures of cancellous bone formation and quality as well as bone strength in male Sprague-Dawley rats (60 days old; 225 g) over the course of twelve weeks. Mineral apposition rates (p=0.005), osteoblast surface (p=0.002), and osteoblast number (p=0.005) were higher as a result of glucose and fructose intakes. Despite similar effects on bone formation, trabecular thickness was significantly higher in the fructose group compared to the glucose group (p=0.0016). We did not observe differences in bone strength between groups. The effects of sugar intake on bone were independent of differences in energy intake or bodyweight but heavier epididymal fat pads (glucose vs. chow; p=0.003) and livers (fructose vs. glucose; p=0.000) suggests that disturbances in energy metabolism as a consequence of the consumption of different sugars should be explored as a potential explanation for our findings.
dc.subjectbone formation
dc.subjectcancellous bone
dc.titleThe effects of different dietary sugars on measures of bone formation, quality, and strength in growing male rats
dc.description.departmentFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.majorFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.advisorSilvia Giraudo
dc.description.committeeSilvia Giraudo
dc.description.committeeRichard Lewis
dc.description.committeeClifton Baile

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