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dc.contributor.authorBadger, Lauren Elise
dc.description.abstractOlder adults have historically low food stamp program (also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) participation rates compared to other age groups. Several USDA-led application assistance demonstration research projects have successfully improved food stamp application among samples of older adults. Older Georgians have a high burden of poverty and food insecurity. This study developed, implemented, and evaluated food stamp advocate training materials to improve older adult food stamp participation in Athens-Clarke County, GA. Eighteen advocates (86%) completed the training. After the training, the advocates reported a significantly increased knowledge (mean±SD, 1.8±1.9 vs. 5.0±1.3 on a scale of 0-6) and confidence (mean±SD, 15.9±6.0 vs. 25.1±5.8 on a scale of 6-30) about the food stamp application assistance, respectively. This pilot program will serve as a model for the development and implementation of the food stamp advocate training across Georgia and the U.S.
dc.subjectFood stamps
dc.subjectSupplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
dc.subjectOlder adults
dc.subjectAdvocate training
dc.subjectApplication assistance
dc.titleAdvocate training to increase food stamp participation in older adults
dc.description.departmentFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.majorFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.advisorJung Sun Lee
dc.description.committeeJung Sun Lee
dc.description.committeeMary Ann Johnson
dc.description.committeeElizabeth Andress

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