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dc.contributor.authorMeng, Meng
dc.description.abstractWe study the static and dynamic properties of the compressible Ising models under constant pressure. Our system of study is a two-dimensional triangular-net Ising model with continuous particle positions. To investigate the effects of compressibility on the static and dynamic characteristics of the model, we include an elastic energy part in the Hamiltonian to adjust the rigidity. Through investigating the fourth order cumulant and the normalized order parameter distribution by Monte Carlo simulation, we find that the elastic models belong to the same universality class of the rigid Ising model. Besides that, we perform large scale Monte Carlo simulations to study long-time domain growth behavior following a quench under its critical temperature in our compressible Ising model with zero total magnetization. For the rigid (lattice) model we find the late-time domain growth factor $n$ in $R(t) = A + Bt^{n}$ has Lifshitz-Slyozov value of $frac{1}{3}$. For flexible models, results clearly indicate that $n$ is reduced by compressibility.
dc.subjectphase transition, phase separation, compressible Ising model, universality class, late-time domain growth, domain growth exponent
dc.titleModified late-time domain growth behavior due to compressibility
dc.description.departmentPhysics and Astronomy
dc.description.advisorDavid Landau
dc.description.committeeDavid Landau
dc.description.committeeSteven Lewis
dc.description.committeeWilliam Dennis
dc.description.committeeMichael Bachmann

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