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dc.contributor.authorLiu, Xuewen
dc.description.abstractThe facts regarding Daoism in modern China remain poorly understood even among scholars around the world. Until the early 21st century, Daoism in modern China was imagined to be moribund. And even some leading Western scholars, like Livia Kohn, portrayed the Daoist priests and priestesses of China today as comfort-seekers, “with little religious motivation and less understanding of the tradition, they just want to be comfortable and enjoy their state stipend.” Such distorted images are still prevalent among academics around the world. The purpose of this research is to rectify those misguided images by studying the White Cloud Abbey in Beijing, the Chinese Daoist Association, and the Chinese Daoist College. Through analysis of the monks in residence, their religious practices, monastic leadership, the complex relationship between the Chinese Daoist Association and the State, the education and training programs held at the College, a more-rounded picture of the true realities of Daoism in modern China can emerge.
dc.subjectModern Daoism
dc.subjectChinese Religion
dc.subjectThe White Cloud Abbey
dc.subjectThe Chinese Daoist Association and College
dc.titleDaoism in modern China
dc.title.alternativehistorial realities and 20th-century misconceptions
dc.description.advisorRussell Kirkland
dc.description.committeeRussell Kirkland
dc.description.committeeCarolyn Medine
dc.description.committeeAri Levine

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