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dc.contributor.authorGunby, Howie Farrell
dc.description.abstractEach year, millions of students are served in adult education programs across the United States. One of the main goals of these students is to acquire the General Education Development (GED) credential. Annually, an estimated 500,000 individuals nationwide receive a GED credential and qualify for further education, training, and employment opportunities. However, some students are not academically or socially prepared for the rigors of college. To successfully transition students into college without the need for remediation, adult education program must meet the challenge in educating and equipping these students with the necessary skills. Students who are college ready help reduce a college’s financial burden for remediation instructors, help in reducing the number of college courses needed, and thereby increase the chance of graduating from college. A qualitative approach was used to examine graduate’s perceptions about lived experiences that have contributed to their readiness (or lack thereof) to pursue postsecondary education, including their experiences in an adult education program at a technical college.
dc.subjectAdult Education
dc.subjectCollege Readiness
dc.subjectPostsecondary Transition
dc.titleCollege readiness of GED graduates after completing an adult education program at a technical college
dc.description.departmentWorkforce Education, Leadership, and Social Foundations
dc.description.majorWorkforce Education
dc.description.advisorMyra Womble
dc.description.committeeMyra Womble
dc.description.committeeJay Rojewski
dc.description.committeeKaren Jones

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