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dc.contributor.authorWu, Ya
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation evaluates the efficiency of microfinance institutions (MFIs) in China relative to other Chinese agricultural lending institutions and the more established Indian MFIs. Microfinance institutions provide financial services to the low income population as a partial solution to capital shortages among poor households. In comparing Chinese MFIs and agricultural lending institutions, the Input Distance function was employed to evaluate of the technical efficiency and allocative efficiency from the input aspect while Data Envelopment Analysis techniques were used to further decompose the technical efficiency into pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency. This research also compared the technical efficiency of Chinese microfinance institutions with the more established Indian microfinance institutions and identified the different factors significantly affecting the efficiency of microfinance institutions in these two countries. The results indicate that there is no significant difference between Chinese commercial banks and microfinance institutions in terms of technical efficiency while Chinese commercial banks achieved higher level of allocative efficiency than microfinance institutions. After further decomposing technical efficiency into pure technical efficiency and scale efficiency and comparing with more established Indian microfinance institutions, the results show that overall Chinese microfinance institutions have lower level of technical efficiency, pure technical efficiency, and scale efficiency than Indian microfinance institutions. The results also indicate that the efficiencies of Chinese and Indian microfinance institutions are influenced by different sets of factors that define these institutions’ differing operating goals.
dc.subjectStochastic Frontier Analysis
dc.subjectInput distance function
dc.subjectTechnical efficiency
dc.subjectAllocative efficiency
dc.subjectData Envelopment Analysis
dc.subjectPure Technical Efficiency
dc.subjectScale Efficiency
dc.subjectSeemingly Unrelated Regression
dc.titleA comparative analysis of the operating and economic efficiency of China’s microfinance institutions, traditional Chinese agricultural lenders, and counterpart Indian microfinance institutions
dc.description.departmentAgricultural and Applied Economics
dc.description.majorAgricultural Economics
dc.description.advisorCesar Escalante
dc.description.committeeCesar Escalante
dc.description.committeeLewell F. Gunter
dc.description.committeeGlenn C. W. Ames

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