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dc.contributor.authorVieta, Juana
dc.description.abstractThe FDA is committed to protect and promote the public health and sets special considerations into regulations, guidances and new strategies to allow therapies of life threatening diseases such as cancer to enter the market more rapidly. But these therapies will not reach the market unless mandatory regulations to demonstrate safety and efficacy in human subjects are met. The recruitment of volunteers required to participate in clinical trials is a challenge. Cancer clinical trials are essential to obtain more and better prevention methods and safer and more effective treatments against the cancer diseases. The FDA provides web-based tools to browse information with regard to cancer clinical trials. The general public is not aware of these browsing tools. This research assessed the utilization of the FDA web site to procure current health information in particular about cancer clinical trials.
dc.subjectFDA's website, awareness of cancer clinical trials, cancer patients
dc.titleEvalutation of public use of the FDA’s web-based clinical resources
dc.description.departmentBioPharma Regulatory Affairs
dc.description.advisorPaul Brooks
dc.description.committeePaul Brooks
dc.description.committeeAnthony Capomacchia
dc.description.committeeFrances Akelewicz

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