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dc.contributor.authorVenkatakrishnan, Urmila
dc.description.abstractThis research examines the role of the physical environment in the enhancement of a sense of community on campus. Building entries and campus open spaces are recognized as potential spaces on campus where the student community comes together. Prior theories and concepts on place and community were reviewed in an effort to identify chief components essential to build a sense of community on campus. Following this, the building entrance and open space surrounding The University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design was examined to analyze the nature of individual and community behavior with respect to the layout and design of the physical environment. Additionally, a questionnaire was designed to understand what students seek from the physical environment. Finally, design guidelines were applied to develop the sense of community around Caldwell Hall. The goal is to utilize these findings toward designing to encourage a sense of community on campus.
dc.subjectSense of Community, Place, Campus, Physical Design, Open Space, Building Entries, Human Behavior, Social Interaction, Community Involvement
dc.titleBuilding a sense of community on campus through physical design
dc.description.departmentCollege of Environment and Design
dc.description.majorLandscape Architecture
dc.description.advisorDavid Spooner
dc.description.committeeDavid Spooner
dc.description.committeeNeal Weatherly
dc.description.committeeJudith Wasserman
dc.description.committeeGregg Hudspeth

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