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dc.contributor.authorSriperm, Nuntawadee
dc.description.abstractDietary balanced protein (BP) has been adopted in broiler feed formulation. It not only considers the crude protein (CP) content of the diet, but more importantly the essential or indispensible amino acids (AAs) are considered and maintained in balance. The BP concept is when AAs are set relative to lysine. Since AAs play an important role in determining feed cost and bird performance, using AAs efficiently by minimizing the excess is a method of minimizing feed cost. This research was conducted to obtain the data need to understand AA content in major feed ingredients, which is useful in adjusting ingredient matrix values to meet the targeted nutrients. The CP content of ingredients is not a reliable measurement in feed formulation. An experiment was conducted to show the impact of broiler responses from different digestible lysine levels during two phases. The results were used to generate different production functions in order to determine the most profitable feeding level at various input and output prices.
dc.subjectDietary Balanced Protein
dc.subjectDigestible Lysine
dc.subjectCrude Protein
dc.subjectMaximum Profit
dc.subjectBroiler Production
dc.subjectAmino Acid Content
dc.titleProtein and amino acid content of feed ingredients and the impact of dietary balanced protein on maximizing economic returns from broiler technical responses
dc.description.departmentPoultry Science
dc.description.majorPoultry Science
dc.description.advisorGene Pesti
dc.description.committeeGene Pesti
dc.description.committeeMichael Wetzstein
dc.description.committeeScott Russell
dc.description.committeeTimothy Park
dc.description.committeeJack E. Houston
dc.description.committeeSammy Aggrey

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