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dc.contributor.authorSpicer, Ivy Lane
dc.description.abstractSweet potato curing barns were once a major part of the agricultural world, especially in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states. Sweet potato curing barns are utilized to cure the freshly harvested sweet potatoes, allowing for a longer storage period and a sweeter taste. Craftsmanship and building design provide the features that are essential to a successfully constructed sweet potato curing barn. Features of such structures include ventilation, insulation, some form of artificial heat, and means of air circulation within the barn. In some areas, converted tobacco barns or old farmhouses have been utilized as sweet potato curing barns with only minimal alterations or additions. Decay and neglect of such barns has sparked an interest in raising awareness and understanding of the culture surrounding these structures. Adaptive re-use and the use of tax incentives have provided a way to preserve sweet potato curing barns for future generations to study and enjoy.
dc.subjectSweet potato curing barn
dc.subjectHistoric preservation
dc.subjectSweet potatoes
dc.subjectCaroline County, Virginia
dc.titleSweet potato curing barns
dc.title.alternativean agricultural landmark
dc.description.departmentEnvironmental Design
dc.description.majorHistoric Preservation
dc.description.advisorJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeUmit Yilmaz
dc.description.committeeMark Reinberger

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