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dc.contributor.authorShin, Sung
dc.description.abstractJohn, Loken, Kim and Monga (2006) offered a “brand concept map” (BCM), which identified important attributes associated with a brand, showing how these attributes are interconnected and conjured in consumers’ minds. Applying “ the Brand Concept Map” (BCM) method, the present study attempted to identify fashion brand association networks in Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy. Korchia's 15 attribute categories associated with fashion brand were used to classify fashion brand associations. This study provides a tool for assessing their company’s brand image for fashion marketing managers; that is, which brand associations are more or less important, which brand are associations directly or indirectly linked and how changes of brand associations can affect other associations.
dc.subjectBrand Concept Map, Brand Image, Brand Association, Product Involvement, Brand Association Category, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy
dc.titleApplication of brand concept maps to Gap Inc.
dc.description.departmentTextiles, Merchandising, and Interiors
dc.description.majorTextiles, Merchandising and Interiors
dc.description.advisorYoo-Kyoung Seock
dc.description.committeeYoo-Kyoung Seock
dc.description.committeeJan Hathcote
dc.description.committeeJose Blanco

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