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dc.contributor.authorRivera-González, Noelia
dc.description.abstractThis pilot study assessed the effectiveness of a nutrition education intervention in the improvement of nutrition and physical activity attitudes, knowledge and behaviors in Latino children. Participants (n=18) were Latino children 5-11 years old from the Garnet Ridge Boys and Girls Club. The participants received educational lessons for an hour once a week. Eating behaviors, knowledge, food preferences, and physical activity were evaluated with the use of pre-test and post-test questionnaires. The post-test indicated improvements in eating behavior following the intervention. Participant’s knowledge, food preference, physical activity, healthy foods, vegetable and fruit consumption were not improved after the intervention. Participant’s knowledge and food preference were positively associated with the healthy items, although not significant. These changes in knowledge and food preference can lead to positive changes in attitudes, behavior and self efficacy towards a healthier lifestyle. This pilot study will be a useful tool in the development of future interventions.
dc.subjectLatino childhood obesity, nutrition intervention, dietary behaviors, knowledge, food preference, physical activity behaviors
dc.titleChildhood obesity in Latino children and a nutrition education intervention
dc.description.departmentFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.majorFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.advisorSilvia Giraudo
dc.description.committeeSilvia Giraudo
dc.description.committeeRebecca Mullis
dc.description.committeeJudy Harrison

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