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dc.contributor.authorHarriman, Cátia Silva
dc.description.abstractThere are three types of knowledge that competent teachers should demonstrate nowadays: knowledge of technology, pedagogy, and content. The interplay of these three kinds of knowledge constitutes the TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) framework. This research explored the role that the TPACK framework has on digital storytelling, a design-based learning opportunity for pre-service teachers taking a technolgy integration course at a southeastern american university. The study was guided by the following questions: 1) What is the description of the process of designing digital stories when pre-service teachers use the TPACK framework? 2) What are the pre-service teachers’ perceptions of the TPACK framework as it relates to their projects? 3) How do instructors perceive the effectiveness of the TPACK framework in the design of their students’ digital stories? The primary sources for data collection were interviews with pre-service teachers and the instructor, observations of class activities, surveys, and artifacts analysis - artifacts analysis involved course web portfolios and digital stories developed by the pre-service teachers, as well as any handouts provided by the instructor. Data were analyzed inductively according to the concepts of the underlying theoretical framework. Specifically, triangulation of data sources guaranteed the internal validity of the research. All interviews were transcribed using Express Scribe software and analyzed using Microsoft Word® as a tool for qualitative data analysis. Surveys were used to produce frequency distributions. The results indicated that there were gains in the technological pedagogical and content knowledge of the pre-service teachers involved in the research and that they acquired a holistic view of the process of teaching with technology, as a consequence of their participation in the designed digital storytelling project. Further research is needed to understand how and to what extent teachers’ actual digital storytelling practices compare with those modeled during their teacher education in college; to detect whether student performance reflects the effectiveness of their teachers’ digital storytelling practices; and finally to explore the impact that the alignment of the TPACK framework with digital storytelling has on pre-service teachers’ understanding of specific content areas, as well as student assessment practices.
dc.subjectdigital storytelling, pre-service teachers, TPACK, teacher education, technology integration, learning-by-design
dc.titleThe impact of TPACK and digital storytelling as a learning experience for pre-service teachers in a learning-by-designing project
dc.description.departmentEducational Psychology and Instructional Technology
dc.description.majorInstructional Technology
dc.description.advisorRobert Branch
dc.description.committeeRobert Branch
dc.description.committeeKathy Roulston
dc.description.committeeChandra Orrill
dc.description.committeeMary Ann Fitzgerald

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