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dc.contributor.authorHambrick, Tracy L.
dc.description.abstractOak Grove Sanitary Landfill in Winder, Georgia is already refining its landfill gas (LFG) and sending it through the natural gas pipeline. This is more economic and better for the environment than simply flaring off the excess. This paper proposes using the landfill to phase in ground-mounted solar panels on the cap of the adjacent, closed Speedway Landfill, and then onto the already closed south and west portions Oak Grove. Then adding a solar cap to the south and west sides as Oak Grove closes and more ground-mounted solar on top. Additional ground-mounted panels can be added as more sections of the landfill close. As our population increases there is a growing demand for energy production, and the need to find clean ways to produce energy is more important than ever. Producing energy with solar panels would produce long-term income on land that cannot be developed and allow ongoing funding to buy additional solar panels to be phased in.
dc.subjectlandfill gas, solar installation, Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill, Winder, Georgia, GA, energy planning
dc.titleA renewable energy plan for the Oak Grove Sanitary Landfill In Winder, Georgia
dc.description.departmentCollege of Environment and Design
dc.description.majorEnvironmental Planning and Design
dc.description.advisorJack Crowley
dc.description.committeeJack Crowley
dc.description.committeeUmit Yilmaz
dc.description.committeeTom Lawrence

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