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dc.contributor.authorVertus, Genise
dc.description.abstractBy age 3, even though children do not have an adult’s understanding of race, they are aware of their race and some differences in the race of other people. Many questions still remain concerning the content of young children’s awareness and knowledge of race. As of yet, the young child’s voice is not prominent in the research. This qualitative study is a step towards addressing the gap in the literature. Using a “culturally generic or neutral” multicultural children’s picture storybook, in an open-ended interview format, three- and four-year-old children were interviewed to gauge their awareness of the race of the characters in the story. By listening to young children’s knowledge and concepts of race, a more developmentally appropriate understanding of their awareness of race during the preschool years can be captured.
dc.subjectRace awareness in preschool children
dc.subjectMulticultural children’s literature
dc.subjectPicture storybooks
dc.subjectChild development
dc.subjectKnowledge of differences in racial groups
dc.titleMulticultural messages in a picture storybook
dc.title.alternativeconceptions of three- and four-year-old children
dc.description.departmentChild and Family Development
dc.description.majorChild and Family Development
dc.description.advisorLynda Henley Walters
dc.description.committeeLynda Henley Walters
dc.description.committeeJoel Taxel
dc.description.committeeMick Coleman

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