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dc.contributor.authorCambardella, Mario Christopher
dc.description.abstractInhabitants of cities depend upon utilities for an expected level of comfort and quality of life. To provide, utility companies aim to deliver service to customers as effectively and efficiently as possible. Atlanta Regional Transit Corridor (ARTC) explores the bridging of single-use utility corridors to create a joint utility corridor to further effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of utilities. The ARTC investigates a possible route to circumnavigate Atlanta, Georgia, presents contextual indicators surrounding one section of a possible route, and explores other potential urban corridor uses. The ARTC illustrates possible designs of a joint utility corridor and future transit-oriented development possibilities as a result of implementation. Also included is a brief legal summary outlining the legal parameters surrounding the possible implementation of the proposed ARTC. The results of the study are intended to provide a professional planned document for effected municipalities to further explore the possibilities, feasibility, benefits, and costs of joint utility corridors.
dc.subjectmulti-use trail
dc.subjecttransmission line
dc.subjectecological corridor
dc.titleAtlanta Regional Transit Corridor
dc.description.departmentEnvironmental Design
dc.description.majorEnvironmental Planning and Design
dc.description.advisorJack Crowley
dc.description.committeeJack Crowley
dc.description.committeeUmit Yilmaz
dc.description.committeeAlyssa Sinclair
dc.description.committeeTom Lawrence

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