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dc.contributor.authorBasinger, Erin
dc.description.abstractResearch on social support touts the numerous benefits it offers distressed individuals. Although research has made relevant contributions to understanding the reasons social support alleviates distress, current bodies of research inadequately address the circumstances that encourage individuals to engage in support. Therefore, the goal of this thesis was to document the communication and relationship qualities that drive support provision. I turned to communication privacy management theory as a framework for understanding factors that motivate supportive exchanges. The results of the study supported my predictions that co-ownership, boundary permeability, clarity about support rules, and support rule turbulence underlie supportive exchanges. These findings are meaningful because they clarify communication and relationship circumstances that encourage the provision of social support in close relationships. In addition, they have implications for communication privacy management theory and for the study of social support.
dc.subjectSocial support: Communication privacy management theory
dc.titleCommunication and relationship circumstances that drive the provision of social support
dc.title.alternativean extension of communication privacy management theory
dc.description.departmentSpeech Communication
dc.description.majorSpeech Communication
dc.description.advisorKirsten Weber
dc.description.committeeKirsten Weber
dc.description.committeeLijiang Shen
dc.description.committeeJennifer Monahan

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