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dc.contributor.authorNutaitis, James
dc.description.abstractThe East Range, located in north-central Nevada is an excellent location to study the relationship between the Early to Middle(?) Jurassic east-vergent Luning-Fencemaker fold-thrust belt (LFTB) and the Jurassic west-vergent Winnemucca Deformation belt (WDB). Many aspects of the WDB are poorly understood and controversial. Because of their proximity to one another, continued study of the WDB will help further constrain the age and extent of the LFTB. This study involved detailed mapping of units and structure in the central East Range, which lead to the conclusion that the interpretation of the WDB is incorrect, and its principal features are a product of east-vergent deformation. Folding and faulting previously associated with the WDB is explained by eastward propagation of deformation into the footwall of the Fencemaker thrust. New mapping of the central East Range in addition to previous fossil data has lead to alternative interpretations age and extent of Paleozoic and Triassic rocks in this area.
dc.subjectEast Range, Luning-Fencemaker fold-thrust belt, Winnemucca deformation belt, North-central Nevada.
dc.titleNew mapping in the East Range, Nevada
dc.title.alternativeimplications for the Winnemucca and Fencemaker Deformation belts
dc.description.advisorSandra Wyld
dc.description.committeeSandra Wyld
dc.description.committeeJames Wright
dc.description.committeeDouglas Crowe

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