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dc.contributor.authorNichols, Joseph Randolph
dc.description.abstractThis research provides a case study of how two preservice social studies student teachers’ autobiographical narratives relate to how they conceptualize social justice-oriented democracy. Through the use of life history interviews, observations of classroom practice, and document analysis, this study explores how this relationship was manifested in each participant’s student teaching seminar and field experience. This research was designed to draw picture of who preservice social studies teachers are so that teacher educators can develop a better understanding of how preservice teachers use their autobiographical narratives as one means through which they can interpret their democratic identity.
dc.subjectSocial Studies Education, Democracy and Education, Social Justice-Oriented Democracy, Preservice Teacher Education, Life History Methods
dc.titleToward an understanding of the relationship between preservice social studies teachers' life histories and their conceptions of social justice-oriented democracy
dc.description.departmentElementary and Social Studies Education
dc.description.majorSocial Science Education
dc.description.advisorHilary Conklin
dc.description.committeeHilary Conklin
dc.description.committeeStephanie Jones
dc.description.committeeTodd Dinkelman

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