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dc.contributor.authorPeskoe, Sarah Eugenia
dc.description.abstractThe menu for the congregate meals is frequently evaluated; however, the intake of foods and nutrients by the participating older adults is understudied. The purpose of this study was to determine the vendor’s compliance with selected state and federal congregate meal requirements and the participants’ consumption of these meals. A visual plate waste study, conducted on six nonconsecutive Fridays in June, July, and August, 2009 at a local senior center, determined nutrient intake of calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin D, sodium, fruits, and vegetables among the congregate meal participants. The results revealed low energy intake, as well as low intake of calcium and vitamin D among participants. Across days analyzed at the senior center, the percentage of participants who refused milk or consumed no milk at all ranged from 57% to 78%, raising serious concerns about the adequacy of senior center menus for meeting calcium needs.
dc.subjectVisual Plate Waste Study
dc.subjectOlder Americans Act Nutrition Program
dc.subjectCongregate Meals
dc.subjectNortheast Georgia Senior Center
dc.subjectCommunity-based Nutrition Services
dc.titleVisual plate waste study for a northeast Georgia senior center
dc.description.departmentFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.majorFoods and Nutrition
dc.description.advisorMary Ann Johnson
dc.description.committeeMary Ann Johnson
dc.description.committeeJung Sun Lee
dc.description.committeeElizabeth Andress

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