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dc.contributor.authorTippens, Abby Spruill
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to determine the primary factors contributing to the retention or attrition of Georgia agriculture teachers. Data was collected during a one month period beginning in January 2010. Teachers responded to a web-based survey which sought to determine the following: the demographics of Georgia agriculture teachers who responded to the survey, teachers’ self perceived likelihood of retention, teachers’ job satisfaction as it relates to working conditions, and contributing factors to teachers’ self-perceived likelihood of retention. Results showed respondents are generally satisfied with their jobs and the majority of teachers plan to remain in the profession. Differences were shown between gender in the area of job satisfaction and self-perceived likelihood of retention. Teachers were found to be most likely to leave the profession because of retirement and family and children commitments. Teachers were also found to be most dissatisfied because of burnout.
dc.subjectTeacher Attrition
dc.subjectTeacher Retention
dc.subjectTeacher Burnout
dc.subjectTeacher Shortage
dc.subjectAgricultural Education
dc.subjectJob Satisfaction
dc.subjectTeacher Working Conditions
dc.titleGeorgia agriculture teacher attrition
dc.description.departmentAgricultural Leadership, Education and Comm
dc.description.majorAgricultural Leadership
dc.description.advisorJohn Ricketts
dc.description.committeeJohn Ricketts
dc.description.committeeMaria Navarro
dc.description.committeeChris Morgan

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