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dc.contributor.authorRodriguez, Leslie Marie
dc.description.abstractGeorgia Recreation and Park Association (GRPA) adopted a resolution to make healthy items available at their park sites across the state. This study examined the development, implementation, and impact of a social marketing campaign designed to accompany the new policy in six self-selected, pilot GRPA sites to better understand the factors that influence whether or not parents and children purchased healthy foods from the concession stands. Fruit and water sales data were tracked throughout the intervention and a parent survey was used to examine factors related to the Health Belief Model to determine if they had any influence on whether or not parents and children purchased healthy foods. Differences in fruit and water sales during the pre-social marketing campaign period and intervention were insignificant, but sites that experienced higher sales of healthy items shared some characteristics. Parent surveys revealed misconceptions about healthy foods and the need for more nutrition education in similar community-based programs.
dc.subjectSocial marketing
dc.subjectProgram implementation
dc.subjectProgram evaluation
dc.subjectCommunity-based research
dc.subjectHealth Belief Model
dc.subjectHealthy refreshment policy
dc.subjectChildhood obesity
dc.titleThe effect of a social marketing campaign on the sales of healthy refreshments in park and recreation facitilities
dc.description.departmentHealth Promotion and Behavior
dc.description.majorHealth Promotion and Behavior
dc.description.advisorPamela Orpinas
dc.description.advisorMarsha Davis
dc.description.committeePamela Orpinas
dc.description.committeeMarsha Davis
dc.description.committeeJessica Muilenburg
dc.description.committeeVicki Freimuth

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