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dc.contributor.authorKim, Soo Hyun Julia
dc.description.abstractThis case study examined the University of Georgia‘s (the UGA) crisis management process, which is based on a three-stage crisis management model. The study focused on UGA‘s new media communication technology usage in the entire crisis management process. It also addresses UGA‘s public relations efforts during crisis management. This thesis emphasized the development of UGA‘s crisis management system previous to, during, and after the incident. The methodology is an in-depth review and analysis of a real crisis situation, the UGA marketing professor shooting incident is a representative case in this study. UGA‘s crisis prevention, responses, and learning were carefully reviewed and developed based on the three- stage crisis management model. The research concluded that UGA‘s crisis management process represents an ongoing crisis management cycle. This study provides the ongoing crisis management considerations, a diagram of new media communication technology supports, and another diagram of public relations efforts in each crisis stage.
dc.subjectUniversity crisis, ongoing crisis management, three-stage crisis management model, shooting incident, interview analysis, new media communication, public relations
dc.titleThe ongoing management of a campus crisis
dc.title.alternativea case study of media use in response to an off-campus shooting
dc.description.departmentGrady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.majorJournalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.advisorBryan Reber
dc.description.committeeBryan Reber
dc.description.committeeKaren Russell
dc.description.committeeJanice Hume

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