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dc.contributor.authorGoodroe, Joseph Turner
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative dissertation was a phenomenological study of four Georgia high school teachers that examined their perceptions of contextual teaching and learning (CTL) and the influences CTL has on student engagement. Using a purposeful selection sampling, the inquiry included four 1-hour interviews and four 1-hour classroom observations. The researcher utilized a semi-structured interview guide for each of the interviews. The data from the 4 participants were first individually analyzed and then written into a narrative capturing the participant’s perception. Secondly, the data was compared across the four participants to look for emerging commonalities and themes. The findings were first categorized individually and then compiled across the four participants. The four interviews and four classroom observations generated results from which participant data were categorized according to the following commonalities and themes: (a) teaching practice; (b) authentic situated learning activities; (c) communities of practice; and (d) student engagement. INDEX WORDS: Authentic learning task; Communities of practice; Constructivism; Contextual teaching and learning; Situated learning; Student engagement
dc.subjectAuthentic learning task
dc.subjectCommunities of practice
dc.subjectContextual teaching and learning
dc.subjectSituated learning
dc.subjectStudent engagement
dc.titleTeacher perspectives of contextual teaching and learning with respect to student engagement
dc.description.departmentWorkforce Education, Leadership, and Social Foundations
dc.description.majorEducational Leadership
dc.description.advisorJohn Schell
dc.description.committeeJohn Schell
dc.description.committeeJay Rojewski
dc.description.committeeJohn Dayton

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