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dc.contributor.authorGewaily, Marwa
dc.description.abstractAnimal welfare organizations have developed criteria for zoo institutions with animal welfare as a top priority. This research aims to identify design guidelines for the Giza Zoo from the ‘visitor experience’ point of view, where the visitor experience is set as a base line to measure the effectiveness of zoo exhibits. The research identifies authenticity, aesthetics, recreation, education, and exploration as basic components of the visitor experience. These components are defined throughout the research, examined through case studies of the elephant and lion exhibits in three zoos, and are refined to further define visitor experience in the Giza Zoo. A redesign for the elephant and lion exhibits in the zoo is proposed based on these guidelines. INDEX WORDS: Zoological gardens; Giza Zoo; Animal welfare organizations, Zoo history; Visitor experience; Animal exhibits; Design guidelines.
dc.subjectZoological gardens
dc.subjectGiza Zoo
dc.subjectAnimal welfare organizations, Zoo history
dc.subjectVisitor experience
dc.subjectAnimal exhibits
dc.subjectDesign guidelines.
dc.titleVisitor experience in zoo design
dc.title.alternativedesign guidelines for Giza Zoo
dc.description.departmentSchool of Environmental Design
dc.description.majorLandscape Architecture
dc.description.advisorMarianne Cramer
dc.description.committeeMarianne Cramer
dc.description.committeeJudith Wasserman
dc.description.committeeJosh Koons
dc.description.committeePratt Cassity

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