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dc.contributor.authorEsteves, Claudio Antonio
dc.description.abstractThe work of Father José Maurício Nunes Garcia is still unavailable in its majority. With four criteria the Missa em Mi Bemol (1811) – CT 107 was selected for edition and analysis. Written for SATB choir, SSATB soloists, and organ, it is divided into fourteen parts and was probably first performed in the Royal Chapel in Rio de Janeiro. The source for this work survived as a manuscript in the Biblioteca Alberto Nepomuceno of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (BR-Rem), since the two other entries in the Catálogo Temático are arrangements made six years after the composer’s death and twenty five years after its composition. This edition was intended to make the score available and to serve performer and scholar alike. The notation was updated with the substitution of archaic elements and all the alterations in the score were listed in detail. The analysis of the work shows the expressive use of the tonal areas in a wide range. The variety of structures and forms used is impressive. It reveals the different approach of a skilled composer compared to the frequent through-composed treatment of the sacred genre.
dc.subjectJosé Maurício Nunes Garcia, CT 107, Missa em Mi Bemol, Edition, Brazilian Colonial Music, Analysis of Colonial Music, Choral Music, Organ, Choir.
dc.titleThe expressive use of structures and tonal areas in Father Jose Mauricio Nunes Garcia’s Missa em mi bemol (1811) – CT 107
dc.description.departmentSchool of Music
dc.description.advisorMark Cedel
dc.description.committeeMark Cedel
dc.description.committeeRoger Vogel
dc.description.committeeDavid Haas
dc.description.committeeAllen Crowell
dc.description.committeeMitos Andaya

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