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dc.contributor.authorTesfaye, Elyas Girma
dc.description.abstractAn experiment was conducted to determine variation in digestion activity in vitro using rumen fluid from 10 multiparous Angus cows from a 104 cow-calf pair herd. Cows were selected as having relatively high or low productivity as assessed by their life time weaning weight ratio taken from AIMS records (American Angus Association, Saint Joseph, MO 64506). There was a productivity effect on certain VFAs, like acetate: propionate concentrations both in vivo (P < 0.1) and their 24 hour production rate in vitro (P < 0.1). There was, however, no productivity effect (P > 0.1) on in vitro fiber digestion activity. The interaction effect of productivity and season influenced (P<0.1) more digestibility measures in vitro than any interaction effects. Although there are some inferences that suggest these results are related to the diet fed and the intake of the cows, the cause and effect nature of this relationship requires further investigation.
dc.subjectIn Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility, In Vitro Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility, Indigestible Neutral Detergent Fiber, Weaning Weight Ratio
dc.titleImpact of rumen fluid source as inoculant taken from beef cows of varying productivity and at different times post-partum on in vitro digestion activity
dc.description.departmentAnimal and Dairy Science
dc.description.majorDairy Science
dc.description.advisorMark Froetschel
dc.description.committeeMark Froetschel
dc.description.committeeNick S Hill
dc.description.committeeLane Ely

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