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dc.contributor.authorStavish, Leah
dc.description.abstractA Selected Ion Flow Tube has been used to investigate a series of ion-molecule reactions relevant to modeling the interstellar medium and Titan’s atmosphere. N+ and N2+ reactions with the cyclic molecules benzene, cyclohexane, pyrrole and pyrrolidine were studied and result primarily in dissociative charge transfer. Charge transfer reactions of these neutrals, as well as the N-containing rings piperidine, pyridine, pyrimidine, 2-methylpyridine, and N-methylpyrrole and the linear hydrocarbon chain hexane, with the rare gas ions Xe+, Kr+, and Ar+ examined the neutral’s stability. Generally, 6-membered aromatic rings were the most stable. N2 is the main component of Titan’s atmosphere, so reactions of N+ and N2+ are of particular importance there. Ring compounds are of interest due to their biological implications and are detected in both the interstellar medium and Titan’s atmosphere. Rate coefficients and product distributions are reported for these reactions, adding to the kinetic data available for the models.
dc.subjectSelected Ion Flow Tube
dc.subjectPositive Ion-Molecule Reaction
dc.subjectInterstellar Medium
dc.subjectTitan Ionosphere
dc.subjectCyclic Molecule
dc.titleSelected Ion Flow Tube studies of ion-molecule reactions relevant to the interstellar medium and Titan's atmosphere
dc.description.advisorNigel G. Adams
dc.description.committeeNigel G. Adams
dc.description.committeeGeoffrey D. Smith
dc.description.committeeI. Jonathan Amster

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