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dc.contributor.authorJoyner, Lindsay Jean
dc.description.abstractThe Santa Fe Trail region of southeastern Colorado holds a unique history; the vast plains and concealed canyons reveal the stories of cross cultures, Hispanic and Anglo-American, both in search of a place to call home along largely uncharted land. Unfortunately, the trials of drought and dust left the region vacant and neglected, with abandoned farms and homesteads as the only remnants of the bygone pioneer lifestyle. This work considers the last 150 years of vernacular architecture from the region, looking at fifteen surveyed case studies from the Santa Fe Trail region, studying the rich history of architecture in the region and revealing how the selected survey sites contribute to the cultural landscape as a whole. This thesis will explore the distinct cultures of architecture, and blending of traditions, thereby considering how the architectural ruins of this lonesome, yet intriguing, region contribute to our understanding of the cultural landscape. INDEX WORDS: Southeastern Colorado, Santa Fe Trail, Vernacular architecture, New Mexican architecture, Homesteading, Survey, Cultural landscape
dc.titleThe culture of architecture in the Santa Fe Trail region of southeastsern Colorado
dc.description.departmentSchool of Environmental Design
dc.description.majorHistoric Preservation
dc.description.advisorMark Reinberger
dc.description.committeeMark Reinberger
dc.description.committeeMelissa Roberts

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