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dc.contributor.authorHubbard, Betty Potter
dc.description.abstractThe primary purpose of this study was to investigate new perspectives forming as a result of the teacher education programs that have embraced new literacies grounded in new technologies. This study addressed two paths of examination. The first line of inquiry invited teacher educators, who used digital technologies in their reading methods courses, to explain the influence the CTELL (Case Technologies for Early Literacy Learning) initiative had on their instructional practice and philosophical orientation. The second line of inquiry studied teacher educators’ perceptions of their preservice teachers (PSTs) learning and developing perspectives regarding literacy education. McCracken’s four-part method of inquiry and analysis was employed to construct a bricolage of the teacher educators’ perspectives. Data sources for this project included respondents’ answers from a selection survey, sample interview protocols, and corroborating sources, (i.e., student reflections, emails, course comments, instructor training materials and comments, lesson plans, and instructors’ syllabi). Results are discussed in terms of the metacognitive, epistemological, and professional growth evidenced in preservice teachers and in terms of the importance of authentic instruction and context afforded by using digital case technologies. In addition, data analysis indicated that each educator worked in concrete and particular ways as agents of change to improve literacy instruction, align literacy education with the skills learners will need to be globally competitive, and to improve the lives and education of future teachers and their eventual students.
dc.subjectTeacher Education
dc.subjectNew Literacies
dc.subjectTeachers as Change Agents
dc.subjectResolution Literacies, Digital Literacies
dc.titleA study of teacher educators’ perspectives and practices using digital technologies for reading methods courses
dc.description.departmentLanguage and Literacy Education
dc.description.majorReading Education
dc.description.advisorLinda Labbo
dc.description.committeeLinda Labbo
dc.description.committeeSherrie Nist
dc.description.committeeDonna Alvermann

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