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dc.contributor.authorDoydora, Sarah Ayuban
dc.description.abstractThis study aimed to 1) evaluate the effect of acidified biochar on the release of NH3, CO2 and inorganic N and P from surface-applied (SPL) or incorporated poultry litter (IPL), and 2) investigate the sorption and desorption of NH4+ and ortho-P on acidified biochar. SPL or IPL with or without acidified biochar was incubated for 21 d. Acidified biochars reduced NH3 losses by 24 to 67% and CO2 evolved by 9 to 22% from SPL. Also, it decreased NH3 volatilized by 55 to 60% but increased CO2-C emission by 0.5 to 45% from IPL. Acidified biochars generally did not affect leachable inorganic P and N or extractable inorganic P and NH4+ from SPL and IPL. It did not affect extractable NO3- from SPL (except PC600) and from IPL (except for PC600 and PH600). The biochars could sorb NH4-N but not ortho-P. Acidified biochars could reduce NH3 losses but could not address the problem on P loading in runoff from poultry litter in pasture soils.
dc.subjectPoultry litter, Biochar, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Inorganic nitrogen, Inorganic P, Sorption, Desorption
dc.titleRelease of inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus from poultry litter amended with acidified biochar
dc.description.departmentCrop and Soil Sciences
dc.description.advisorK.C. Das
dc.description.advisorMiguel L. Cabrera
dc.description.committeeK.C. Das
dc.description.committeeMiguel L. Cabrera
dc.description.committeeLeticia Sonon
dc.description.committeeWilliam P. Miller

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