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dc.contributor.authorPrimo, John Vincent
dc.description.abstractThe primary goal of this research is to increase our understanding of executive decision-making at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I used direct observation to study the actual meeting activities of NOAA’s highest executive councils from the fall of 2006 to the fall of 2007. My analysis engaged both a grounded theory approach and a case study approach. I interpreted my analytical results by applying a cultural view of organizations as comprised of multiple sub-cultures, and a conception of organizations as a set of dynamic social processes. In doing so, I identify and explain how particular executives use their cultural knowledge of organizational and governmental processes, as well as status and expertise, to direct executive decisions. In closing, I generalize my findings to those of other studies; provide suggestions for improving NOAA’s business processes, and offer suggestions on future research.
dc.subjectOrganizational Anthropology
dc.subjectNatural Resource Management
dc.subjectExecutive Decision-making
dc.subjectElite Studies
dc.subjectBureaucratic Culture
dc.titleA study of executive decision-making at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
dc.description.advisorTheodore L Gragson
dc.description.committeeTheodore L Gragson
dc.description.committeeMichael Tarrant
dc.description.committeeErvan Garrison
dc.description.committeePeter J. Brosius
dc.description.committeeSusan Abbott-Jamieson

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