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dc.contributor.authorKetsitlile, Lone Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractThe study investigated how San students of Botswana in a Junior Community Secondary School understood as literacy in school and at home. A narrative qualitative case study approach was used to gain an in-depth understanding of what students’ value and understand by literacy from co-participants and informants perspectives. Findings across participants’ stories revealed that they saw literacy as those things that had value to them and these influenced how they read the word and the world. Storytelling, games and singing were labeled literacy to the six participants in the study and the two San informants. Knowledge of different plants, basket weaving and sculpting was literacy to some of the participants. The conclusion is that the participants’ ways of reading and knowing the word and the world need to be included in the school curriculum for the benefit of not only San students but non San Batswana. In addition, appropriate pedagogic strategies need to be adopted in San classrooms for San formal schooling success.
dc.subjectSan of Botswana Literacy
dc.subjectHome Literacy
dc.subjectSan Content Literacy
dc.titleSan junior secondary school students' understandings of literacy in school and at home
dc.title.alternativea case study
dc.description.departmentLanguage and Literacy Education
dc.description.majorReading Education
dc.description.advisorMichelle Commeyras
dc.description.committeeMichelle Commeyras
dc.description.committeeJennifer Graff
dc.description.committeeLaurent Cammarata
dc.description.committeeDerrick Alridge

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