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dc.contributor.authorGilley, Marcus Richard
dc.description.abstractDavid Baker has contributed significant works to the saxophone literature. A performing artist or an arts organization has commissioned each work. Five of these works are currently published. Baker compositions use a range on traditional and contemporary elements in both the jazz and classical styles of music. The traditional elements include the concerto form, orchestral writing, references to popular jazz works, and improvisation based on jazz harmony. Contemporary elements include improvisation based on extended techniques and chromatic and polytonal harmonic writing. These works require a thorough knowledge of traditional jazz and classical styles as well as contemporary trends in both of these fields. A document examining these works for saxophone will be a valuable aid and resource for performers wishing to approach these compositions. The organizational format of this document is divided into seven chapters: I “Organizational Plan and Review of Literature,” II “Concerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra (1987),” III “Ellingtones (1987/1988),” IV “Faces of the Blues: a Fantasy for Alto Saxophone and Saxophone Quartet (1988),” V “Alto Saxophone Concerto (1989/2004),” VI “Parallel Planes (1993),” VII “Conclusions.” The final chapter “Conclusions” contains a summation of conclusions pertaining to the compositions discussed in this document and suggests areas for further study. There is a full Bibliography, a list of the addresses of Baker’s publishers, a Discography of Baker’s works for Saxophone, and a list of other selected compositions by Baker.
dc.subjectDavid Baker
dc.subjectThird Stream
dc.subjectperformer’s guide
dc.subjectConcerto for Tenor Saxophone and Orchestra
dc.subjectFaces of the Blues
dc.subjectAlto Saxophone Concerto
dc.subjectParallel Planes
dc.titleThe published works of David N. Baker for solo saxophone and ensemble
dc.description.departmentSchool of Music
dc.description.advisorKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeJean Kidula
dc.description.committeeAngela Jones-Reus

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