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dc.contributor.authorDejarnette, Mark Lynn
dc.description.abstractNew Orleans communities are being rebuilt in response to a variety of post-Katrina redevelopment needs. Construction ranges from restoring/renovating individual homes to rebuilding entire neighborhoods. Concerns for retaining authentic character in one of America’s most historic cities initiated an investigation into whether the small town center, called Rivertown, now a part of the New Orleans suburban City of Kenner, Louisiana can regain authenticity, social equity, and economic vitality using Smart Growth. The theoretical framework of Smart Growth is prescribed for the study as it is inclusive of a variety of redevelopment scenarios that include recycled assets with infill development, Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) development, and Enclave redevelopment. Three case studies from south Louisiana are evaluated for their value in creating whole communities. These are used to develop a redevelopment plan for Rivertown. The importance of social equity in redevelopment and value of the built environment in marginalized neighborhoods is recognized as an essential part of successful redevelopment with authenticity.
dc.subjectNew Orleans
dc.subjectHurricane Katrina
dc.subjectSmart Growth
dc.subjectsocial equity
dc.subjectplace making
dc.subjectrecycled assets
dc.subjectTraditional Neighborhood Design (TND)
dc.subjectenclave development
dc.titleSuccessful place making in a post-Katrina environment
dc.title.alternativea redevelopment strategy to reclaim social equity and authentic character for a small town center
dc.description.departmentSchool of Environmental Design
dc.description.majorLandscape Architecture
dc.description.advisorJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeLara Mathes
dc.description.committeeBrad Davis
dc.description.committeeWayde Brown

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