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dc.contributor.authorBost, Kathryn Harman
dc.description.abstractHessian Fly Resistance of Triticum Durum Derivied Soft Winter WheatHessian fly (Mayetiola destructor Say) is one of the most destructive pests of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) worldwide. The objectives are to characterize Hessian fly resistance from IN97219-A3-5 and identify linked molecular markers to facilitate marker assisted selection. IN97219-A3-5 derived biotype L resistance from Triticum durum, PI 323440, and was crossed to AGS 2000, susceptible to biotype L. The F2:3 progeny demonstrated a ratio of 3 Resistant/Segregating : 1 Susceptible (67R/Seg:24S). Hessian fly resistance segregated as a single dominant gene in this population. IN97219 is flanked by simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers Xgwm234 at 8.7 cM and Xwmc149 at 19.5 cM on the 5BS chromosome. A planting date study was conducted at two locations (Griffin and Plains, GA) and three dates. A growth chamber study was conducted at three temperatures (15°C, 18°C, and 23°C). Results from these studies revealed that IN97219 resistance is controlled by a temperature sensitive gene.
dc.subjectTriticum aestivum
dc.subjectMayetiola destructor
dc.subjectHessian fly
dc.subjectTriticum durum
dc.subjectmarker assisted selection
dc.subjectsimple sequence repeats
dc.subjecttemperature sensitive
dc.titleHessian fly resistance of Triticum durum derivied soft winter wheat
dc.description.departmentInstitute of Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Genomics
dc.description.majorPlant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics
dc.description.advisorJerry W. Johnson
dc.description.committeeJerry W. Johnson
dc.description.committeePaul Raymer
dc.description.committeeG. David Buntin

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