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dc.contributor.authorSanchez , Lisa Enid Ayala
dc.description.abstractThe following study focuses on the evolution of national discourse in literature in Puerto Rico, through the lens of two women authors. Through an analysis of La casa de la laguna by Rosario Ferré and Nuestra señora de la noche by Mayra Santos Febres, we see how different generations in Puerto Rican literature approach key subjects as they affect two families throughout the twentieth century. With an emphasis on the binary perspective as explained by Jacques Derrida, Madan Sarup and Judith Butler, and the intersectional approach explained by Harriet Bradley and Maria Lugones I will demonstrate how these two authors present their characters in very different ways, particularly in reference to discourses of race, gender, class and nation.
dc.subjectPuerto Rico, Nation, Race, Gender, Class, Rosario Ferré, Mayra Santos Febres, Puerto Rican Literature, Twentieth Century, Binarism, Intersectionality, La casa de la laguna, Nuestra señora de la noche
dc.titleBinarismo y lo interseccional
dc.title.alternativela evolución de discursos en La casa de la laguna de Rosario Ferré y Nuestra señora de la noche de Mayra Santos Febres
dc.description.departmentRomance Languages
dc.description.advisorLesley Feracho
dc.description.committeeLesley Feracho
dc.description.committeeNicolás Lucero
dc.description.committeeDana Bultman

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