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dc.contributor.authorNowicki, Angela Nicole
dc.description.abstractThis qualitative research study sought to understand the ways in which student racial standpoint influences the skills and concepts which they report to have learned from an Interracial Communication and African American Relational Communication course, and the ways in which they discuss applying this knowledge to a service-learning course. The results from revealed eleven (11) skill and concept themes which students reported to have learned in the course, eleven (11) pedagogical tools which students described as contributing to their learning in the race communication classroom and seven (7) application themes which students reported to have used in a service-learning course. Beyond these themes which emerged, student racial standpoint and implication for future research are discussed.
dc.subjectStandpoint, Standpoint Theory, Race, Interracial Communication, Service-learning, Pedagogy, Experiential Learning Theory
dc.titleRacial standpoint and learning
dc.title.alternativeunderstanding student standpoint in the interracial and service-learning classroom
dc.description.departmentSpeech Communication
dc.description.majorSpeech Communication
dc.description.advisorTina M. Harris
dc.description.committeeTina M. Harris
dc.description.committeeKecia M. Thomas
dc.description.committeeJennifer L. Monahan

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