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dc.contributor.authorHiggins, Lora Horton
dc.description.abstractDuring the American Revolution, almost 3,500 Long Island residents fled to Connecticut to escape British occupation. Long Island residents faced persecution from their neighbors and from the British during the seven years troops occupied Long Island, and many fled their homes for safety in Connecticut. However, those who chose to leave their homes faced the harsh realities and hardships of war. The decision to evacuate and subsequent experiences in Connecticut provide an excellent example of how war affects society. After the events in Boston in 1774, Long Island residents divided over the question of loyalty. Social, political and economic factors influenced the decision of each resident and each county responded differently to the impending crisis with England. The arrival of British troops on Long Island forced may residents who had arduously supported independence to flee to Connecticut. However, refugees found that once they arrived in Connecticut, legal problems plagued their existence. Increasing taxes and mandatory militia service complicated their lives and made survival difficult at best. In addition, New York and Connecticut limited the refugees’ ability to return home to Long Island for supplies. By 1780, many of the refugees attempted to return home, despite the fact that the British still occupied Long Island. However, upon return home refugees frequently found their homes and property destroyed. The Long Island refugees provide an excellent case study of how war impacts society. The American Revolution, normally linked with freedom and independence, was a devastating event for many Long Island residents.
dc.subjectRefugees, Long Island, Revolutionary War, American Revolution, Kings County, Queens County, Suffolk County, New York History
dc.titleSeven years in exile
dc.title.alternativethe Long Island refugees
dc.description.advisorAllan Kulikoff
dc.description.committeeAllan Kulikoff
dc.description.committeeJohn Morrow
dc.description.committeeCharles Hoffer

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