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dc.contributor.authorSmith, Laura M.
dc.description.abstractThe Kennedy White House restoration is quite possibly one of the most recognizable projects undertaken by a first family while in office. More than any other public building in the United States, the White House stands at the center of the nation’s public life and even the slightest changes are immediately recorded. This work is intended to make a case for the validity of the Kennedy White House restoration, while recognizing the forces that worked against the integrity of the project. While some elements of the final product certainly can be described as a redecoration, the overall goals of Mrs. Kennedy’s project were achieved—to restore the historic integrity of the White House as a living museum and to provide protection henceforth. Mrs. Kennedy’s work also contributed to the restoration of interiors at other historic sites across the nation and to the national historic preservation movement, which was just beginning to take shape in the United States.
dc.subjectHistoric Preservation
dc.subjectJacqueline Kennedy
dc.subjectWhite House
dc.subjectHistoric Preservation Movement
dc.subjectHistoric Interiors
dc.titleA public house
dc.title.alternativean analysis of the Kennedy White House restoration
dc.description.departmentSchool of Environmental Design
dc.description.majorHistoric Preservation
dc.description.advisorJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeJohn C. Waters
dc.description.committeeJeanne Strong
dc.description.committeeAndrew Carswell
dc.description.committeeWayde Brown

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