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dc.contributor.authorOh, Jeongjin
dc.description.abstractAlthough a movie critic is one the most outstanding figures in the launching of a movie, the influence of a critic and his or her review still remains equivocal. Some researchers argue that critics and their reviews are particularly important in the entertainment industry, but others argue that critics and their reviews are not perceived as vital information sources by moviegoers. Despite these conflicting arguments, the majority of motion picture studios have been heavily using critics’ quotes in their movies’ advertisements. Especially in print advertisements, critics’ quotes often play a major part. Most advertisements using critics’ quotes make the source clear by introducing the critic’s name and his or her affiliation, but some advertisements mention the affiliation only. In either case, when a movie advertisement has “the name of a third party” and “a positive evaluation of the advertised product,” a critic or his or her affiliation definitely serves as an endorser and their review serves as a movie endorsement. Founded in third party endorsement literature, the current study examines the role of a critic as an endorser and the impact of his or her quote as an endorsement.
dc.subjectEndorsement, Source credibility, Attitude toward the ad, Movie, Movie critics
dc.titleThe impact of movie critics’ quotes used in advertisements
dc.description.departmentGrady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.majorJournalism and Mass Communication
dc.description.advisorBryan Reber
dc.description.committeeBryan Reber
dc.description.committeeTom Reichert
dc.description.committeeValerie Boyd

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