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dc.contributor.authorNewman, Amanda Carla
dc.description.abstractFire suppression and southern pine beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis Zimm.) outbreaks have contributed to the decline of native shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) - bluestem grass (Andropogon gerardii Vitman and Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash) communities in the southern Appalachians. We evaluated the effects of herbicide application (nursery) and selective felling and prescribed burning (field) on planted shortleaf pine seedling growth and survival and broadcasted bluestem grass seed establishment and cover. Greatest shortleaf pine growth occurred within the fell with burn treatment and the herbicide application treatments. Soil moisture and aspect influenced seedling survival while maximum flame temperature and overstory mortality influenced bluestem grass presence. Greatest big bluestem cover occurred within the shortleaf pine- bluestem grass herbicide treatment and greatest little bluestem cover occurred within the bluestem grass treatment. Herbicide application and felling with prescribed burning may be used to increase shortleaf pine growth rates while promoting the establishment of bluestem grasses.
dc.subjectShortleaf Pine
dc.subjectPinus echinata
dc.subjectSouthern Pine Beetle
dc.subjectPrescribed Burning
dc.subjectSouthern Appalachians
dc.subjectCherokee National Forest
dc.subjectBig Bluestem
dc.subjectAndropogon gerardii
dc.subjectLittle Bluestem
dc.subjectSchizachyrium scoparium
dc.titleRestoration of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill)
dc.title.alternativebluestem (Andropogon gerardii Vitman and Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash) communities in the southern Appalachians
dc.description.departmentDaniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
dc.description.majorForest Resources
dc.description.advisorRonald L. Hendrick, Jr.
dc.description.committeeRonald L. Hendrick, Jr.
dc.description.committeeChris J. Peterson
dc.description.committeeKatherine J. Elliott
dc.description.committeeLindsay R. Boring

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