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dc.contributor.authorDawson, Gregory Scott
dc.description.abstractDespite the size of the information systems consulting domain, scant attention has been paid to understanding the world of consultants and their clients. This research focuses on this domain. The first study examines the attributes of effective public sector CIOs and finds an archetype that is more frequently associated with effectiveness. The second study explores opportunism in IS consulting relationships and proposes a theoretical model to constrain client and consultant opportunism based on the type of knowledge used for the project and the amount of information asymmetry. The third paper examines psychological contract breach in IS consulting engagements and finds that breach outcomes spillover to the non-breaching firm. Together these essays shed light on the relationship between IS consultants and their clients.
dc.titleThree essays on information systems consultants and their clients
dc.description.departmentBusiness Administration
dc.description.majorBusiness Administration
dc.description.advisorRichard Watson
dc.description.committeeRichard Watson
dc.description.committeeAnn Buchholtz
dc.description.committeeMarie-Claude Boudreau
dc.description.committeeElena Karahanna

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