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dc.contributor.authorWilson, Charles Hooper
dc.description.abstractBrenau University is a private, selective, non-denominational, comprehensive university of about 2000 students. Its main campus sits on 57 acres located in Gainesville, Georgia, approximately fifty miles northeast of Atlanta. At the heart of Brenau is its liberal arts Women s College, which was founded in 1878 as the Georgia Baptist Female Seminary and became Brenau College in 1900. This dissertation examines the history of Brenau s academics, policies toward integration, disciplinary rules and regulations, physical culture and athletics, and Greek life and student organizations. These topics are considered within a thematic framework that contemplates college as a negotiated space in which the overall experience of any college is refined over time in an on-going, often unspoken, give-and-take process of negotiation between two key groups, the college s students and its faculty and administration, a dynamic that is lost in many institutional biographies. Throughout the institution s history, Brenau s students and faculty each jockeyed to refine their Brenau, their ideal version of what the Brenau College experience should be. Often, Brenau s faculty and administration gained the upper hand in negotiations with students. This was particularly evident in fashioning the college curriculum and in setting institutional policies about such things as integration. However, in many instances, this was not the case. At times, Brenau s students won the negotiations and exhibited a remarkable degree of autonomy in conducting affairs in some arenas. Brenau women had a prominent voice in effecting college rules and discipline, in bringing athletics to campus, and in running student organizations.
dc.subjectBrenau University
dc.subjectCollege History
dc.subjectHistory of Higher Education
dc.subjectWomen's Higher Education
dc.subjectWomen's Colleges
dc.titleRefining a woman's college
dc.title.alternativetoward a history of Brenau University, 1878 - 2008
dc.description.departmentElementary Education and Social Studies Ed
dc.description.majorSocial Science Education
dc.description.advisorRonald E. Butchart
dc.description.committeeRonald E. Butchart
dc.description.committeeTodd D. Dinkelman
dc.description.committeeDerrick P. Alridge

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