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dc.contributor.authorSchmidlein, Robert
dc.description.abstractWhat do U.S. urban teachers in physical education do to address challenges in curriculum implementation? The purpose of this study was to examine urban physical education teachers ideas and perspectives on curriculum implementation in inner-city public high schools. Ten urban physical educators were interviewed. They included seven males and three females, and among them were three African Americans, four Caucasians, two Latinos and one Asian, with teaching experiences ranging from five to 20 years. The data collection methods included interviews and artifact collection. Theme-by-theme analysis (Van Manen, 1990) methods were used to analyze the data. The results of the study indicated the participants to: (a) follow district curriculum at their discretion, (b) use health-related fitness and diverse curricula units, (c) employ behavior and social responsibility affective goals in their daily lessons, (d) value multicultural education, despite lack of content knowledge either from teacher training or professional development, (e) lack equipment and to have poor facilities and large class sizes. Implications include multicultural training, relevant pedagogy, and more funding. Index Words:Urban physical education curriculum, Physical education programs, Multicultural physical education, Physical best, Inner-city physical education.
dc.subjectUrban physical education curriculum
dc.subjectPhysical education programs
dc.subjectMulticultural physical education
dc.subjectPhysical best
dc.subjectInner-city physical education
dc.titleUrban physical education teachers' ideas and perspectives on curriculum
dc.description.majorPhysical Education
dc.description.advisorrose chepyator-thomson
dc.description.committeerose chepyator-thomson
dc.description.committeeMary Atwater
dc.description.committeeBilly Hawkins

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