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dc.contributor.authorHix, Sherry Love
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to examine what teachers may learn while participating in lesson study and if certain lesson study experiences can be linked to teacher learning. Two teams of middle school mathematics teachers participated in lesson study and a qualitative research methodology was used to address research questions regarding what teachers learned, what experiences in lesson study may be linked to that learning, and what may be included in the roles of the knowledgeable others and the lesson study facilitator. The lesson study teams, one sixth-grade team and one seventh-grade team, met approximately every two weeks for seven months and completed two cycles of lesson study. They were interviewed before lesson study began, after the first cycle, after the second cycle, and after the process was completed. The teachers showed three threads of growth in what and how they think about mathematics teaching. The teachers were using a reform curriculum, and during lesson study, they developed a clearer view of their role as teacher in a classroom using a reform curriculum. They also showed growth in mathematical knowledge for teaching in the areas defined as common content knowledge, specialized content knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge. Finally, they claimed to better focus lessons after the experience of lesson study. The features of lesson study that were linked to this learning in this study were the detailed, collaborative planning, anticipating student responses, creating evaluation questions for the public teaching, observing the public teaching, and discussing public teaching with knowledgeable others.
dc.subjectLesson study
dc.subjectProfessional development
dc.subjectTeacher knowledge
dc.subjectMathematical knowledge for teaching
dc.subjectTeacher learning
dc.titleLearning in lesson study
dc.title.alternativea professional development model for middle school mathematics teachers
dc.description.departmentMathematics and Science Education
dc.description.majorMathematics Education
dc.description.advisorJames W. Wilson
dc.description.committeeJames W. Wilson
dc.description.committeeSybilla Beckmann
dc.description.committeeJeremy Kilpatrick
dc.description.committeeDenise S. Mewborn

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